Saturday, March 26, 2005

Look at my sidebar!

Mmm ... this post is not about knitting again! But believe me, updates will come really soon.

Do you like my new sidebar? I have long wanted to add the percentage bars for my knitting projects in progress. However, the file necessary for this to work is a Shockwave Flash file, which is not supported by Hello and flickr. I had no idea where to put it ... until I checked into Laura's blog. I found that she put hers in her Geocities account. I have a Geocities account, too. So now I have the cool percentage bars working. Thanks, Laura. If you want to have this on your blog, you can go to Anna Knits. The Flash file and instructions are all there.

How about the new visual presentation of the FO galleries? I got the inspiration from Kathy, who has the same cute little buttons for her FOs on her blog. Making these buttons is quite easy but you need to have an image editing software like PhotoShop (which is expensive) or Gimp (which is free). Guess which one I am using?

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grumperina said...

Wow, now you've got all kinds of cool things there. I like the progress bars, and of course I like the little thumbnails for the FOs. Mine were made with Photoshop, by the way, but I get it on my computers through my job, so no big expense :).