Monday, February 21, 2005

What's in the mail?

Look what I received in the mail:

It was a Chinese New Year card from my parents and also red packets for us. Red is a lucky colour for Chinese, who happen to be a very superstitious people. So, during times of celebration, all you get is red. If you want to know more about the Chinese traditions, you can go and read Siow Chin's and letti's blogs.

I know the red packets are just kind of symbolic. I have long outgrown the teenage desire and expectation to get big bucks from red packets. But I certainly didn't expect my parents to give me Monopoly-like toy money! Bug Eyed Yeah, that was my thought when I opened the red packets and saw these:

These are real bank-issued Hong Kong dollar notes. But you have to excuse my ignorance. I came to the States in 2001 and these were first issued in 2002. The 10-dollar notes I knew were like these:

So, you see why I was so surprised.


Lori said...

huh. The new ones seem happier, but the old ones do seem more like money to me.

letti said...

hi there..american dollars are just too boring! malaysian ringgit are like the hong kong dollars..they're colourful and every denomination is different. thanks for siow chin's line ( and mine ) .. i learnt a lot on her site too. good job.

Julia said...

I forgot about the money change! My godparents and their kids live in Kowloon Tong and I remember them talking about about the adjustment...