Saturday, February 12, 2005

Stitches West 2005

I didn't take any class but I did go to the Marketplace yesterday afternoon. The Convention Centre is just around the corner from Husband's company. So, after dropping him off at work, I drove straight to the exhibition hall.
Since it was a Friday afternoon, the heaviest traffic had yet to come. (Can't imagine what it would be like this afternoon!) I think I am a really cheap-ass! Right off, I didn't bring any cash at all ... okay, just had 20 bucks with me. I think most of the booths didn't accept debit card ... at least this was what I told myself!!! Actually, I didn't intend to buy any yarns here. My first and foremost purpose for going to the Marketplace was to touch the yarns ... to feel them in my hands. This is what I can't do with online shops. My greatest achievement of the day is Berroco Suede. I didn't only get to touch the yarn, but also some finished objects made out of it. I am now certain that I would like to make Sonnet using Berroco Suede. I also got to touch some Jo Sharp DK and Debbie Bliss, Opal and Lana Grossa sock yarns ... not bad at all!
There were also lots of books and patterns. It wasn't worth buying books, except for back issues of magazines, there as the prices were standard marked ones. I picked up a copy of IK Fall 2003. Buying it there saved me the postage. I was hoping to find the latest Rebecca but was in vain.
I have a 2-day pass. I intend to go back tomorrow morning and browse through the Rowan pattern books again. Then I would also have my subscription to IK there. So far, this is the only magazine that I would like to have regularly.
If you can't come to the event in person, go and read Jen-La's blog entries ... they are hilarious! I especially enjoy the “There’s One in Every Class” list ... which is so documentarily (okay, I admit I made this word up!) true.


Lori said...

wow you are good! I spent over my budget. Well I had set a budget to only look for rovings to spin, but then I stumbled upon a great deal and manos, and spent more than i was supposed to.

i was disappointed the books weren't on sale, but it was great to flip through some of them, i think i need to add "not just socks" to my amazon list now.

Jenn said...

You know, same here. I was amazed at all the books but was disappointed they weren't any cheaper. Why waste money on a book when you can get fun yarn that isn't in a local store.

Next time I'm just going to take a wad of cash, have that be it and not have to deal with the card and whether or not they take it and waiting for things to get written up when they don't have the machine tied to a phone line but have to write out the hard tickets.