Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Kung Hey Fat Choy

This is a transcription of the Cantonese expression meaning "Wish You Great Wealth in the New Year". In Asia, their time is ahead of us here in the US, so they are celebrating the New Year of the Rooster today. I have marked on my calendar to call my parents this afternoon. On New Year's Day, first thing for young people to do is to get neat and tidy and say blessings to the seniors in the family.

My parents called me last week to tell me they received the scarves. A sharp contrast to Husband's family, my parents are always subtle with their feelings, as most Chinese parents are. But I could hear from their voices that they were very happy with the presents. My father wondered when I learned to knit. My mother told him that I learned years (lots of years ... hahaha) ago and that I actually knitted a sweater for him. Wait a minute ... really? I must have amnesia then. I have no memory of any of that! I am thinking where the sweater is now!

My friend Esther called me last night and we had a long chat on the phone. I haven't talked in Cantonese for this long for a long long time and so I felt I had lost some of the sharpness in my own mother tongue! Mmmm ... have to practise on that.

About my knitting ... I am sewing up the guernsey sweater and it is looking good. I will show you pictures once it is ready. For Wavy, I am half way through it. We may go skiing during the week of Presidents' Day. So, I hope I can finish it in time for use in the Sierra ... yay!


letti said...

ooo! kong hei fatt choy! my brother's in the States too, so i'm lucky that he's just a phone call away and i can jabber away in cantonese/malay/whatever to him! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Agnes,

You have been tagged. Go to my blog and retrieve the questions. I too am going skiing in Aspen Feb 20! Ka'Knits....see my granny square I learned to make last night.