Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It's gadgets time!

To tell you more about my cheap-ass style, I have been using a white kitty pouch (which I brought with me from Hong Kong) to store my knitting and crocheting notions. However, it didn't take me too long to realize its "shortcoming" - being too short!

So I ended up having to use another plastic pouch (which I didn't buy, of course! It was the package bag of something-I-forgot-what.) for long stuff like the gauge ruler and the extra circular needles. It has been going like this for several months ... until yesterday when I went shopping in Marshalls and found this:

I almost said "PERFECT!" to myself aloud in the store. It is long enough for almost every long item I got and it is transparent - very convenient when you are desperately looking for some small items like row-counter or cable needle while holding the project. The travel size shower gel and lotion are good for my up-coming trips to the Sierra. Can you believe I can put all these stuff inside?

No? Let's see.

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