Thursday, February 17, 2005

Here I present ... Miss Wavy!

After letting her sit over for the weekend, I finally managed to locate where I went wrong with the help of knit-chick's schematic chart. Then it was smooth as a breeze.

One thing worth noting is the binding off. There has been a discussion in the KR Forum on how to prevent the end of a scarf from being much wider than the beginning. I must confess this was what had been bugging me while I were knitting the Windy City Scarves. I learned a technique which is very simple, yet very useful - use a smaller needle to bind off! This is just common good sense and yet I didn't think of it before! So, with Wavy, I started switching to US6 at row 44 of the last pattern repeat and then bound off. Now can you tell which is head and which is tail?

Not too difficult, I suppose. Now, let's find out if the smaller needle can really do the trick. Not too bad, huh?

At first, I thought the waves were not very smooth as they turned out, so I planned to wash it to see if they would get better. But now, I think I'll just let it be. Too lazy, you know. I love the colour and I love the pattern. I think it would be a fun scarf to wear.


Amie said...

Looks fantastic - I love that color!

caitlyn said...

The scarf looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Love your scarf. I've got the pattern printed out, waiting.. I was always wondering about the wide ends, too. Now that you mentioned the solution it seems obvious.