Sunday, February 27, 2005

From skiing to wave-watching

The original plan was to spend the week of Presidents' Day in South Lake Tahoe skiing. What really happened was Husband still going to work that week despite the fact that it was supposed to be his company's closing week (meaning everyone has to take a week's holidays). There were some urgent issues he and his team had to deal with concerning his project, which is very important to him. So, we have to postpone the skiing plan until we-don't-know-when.

Since it was quite a disappointment to me, he would like to take me out to do something. There was a brief break in the weather on Friday and yesterday. There was not an awful lot of sunshine but at least it didn't rain. We found ourselves hopped into our Explorer and headed towards Half Moon Bay.

We didn't take Highway 280 all the way to our destination. We took the exit to Portola Valley and soon we were climbing up the mountain on a narrow road called King's Mountain Road. When I say narrow, it is really narrow. I guess our Explorer would be the biggest vehicle the lane can accommodate. If you drive a Hummer, most probably you would have to cross two lanes. The ride up the mountains was a bit nerve-wracking to us. At some point, I found myself looking over the steep mountain cliff into the valley below ... feeling as if the passenger side of the car is just hanging over air. But the view is spectacular!

After King's Mountain Road, we turned into Highway 35. The speed limit here was 50 but there was very little traffic. Besides, the road conditions were surprisingly good - newly paved, no bumps or holes and wide enough. Husband said this highway was perfect for people who enjoy driving sports cars. Actually, we encountered several on the way ... Porche Carrera and Corvette. I had a feeling that we would come again when Husband's car arrives in April.

After the ride on Highway 35, we turned into 95 towards Half Moon Bay. The real destination of our trip was Maverick's. Husband is not an avid surfer; but he loves watching the waves, whose power can always elicit his respect for Nature. As a city girl, I didn't have too much experience dealing with the sea (it is really a hassle going to the beaches if you don't drive in Hong Kong); but I do love listening to the mesmerizing sound of waves breaking the shore. During our vacations in Hawaii, we spent quite a lot of time seeking the big waves. The general sea conditions were quite calm yesterday. Yet, we could immediately understand how Maverick's got its reputation. At that particular part of the sea, the waves were especially strong and powerful. We were not alone ... there were quite a number of people spending their weekend watching the waves.

The temperature yesterday was not too low, but with the winds constantly blowing against my face, I was glad that I worn my Wavy. As usual, Husband's ears got really stiff and cold though on the whole he didn't feel very cold. He always rejected my suggestion of knitting him a pair of ear muffs. But I think he would only appreciate them when he knows what difference they make. Mmm ... maybe I should go ahead and look for the pattern on the web.


Ka' Knits said...

Hi Agnes....
Too bad about the skiing, but it sounds like you had a nice ride and time with the waves. Have a great day!

letti said...

i think he will like the earmuffs surprise :)

Lynette said...

Hi Agnes,

I was in Tahoe over President's Day weekend - started out in South Lake by Heavenly and drove up to the other end and out to Sugar Bowl. There was a storm. While the snow was good, the roads were not. I think I would've rather spent time on the beach! It took twice as long to drive around the lake. Plus, I never got a chance to visit Jimmy Beans Wool like I had planned.