Monday, February 14, 2005

Frogged some ... crocheted some ... and knitted some ...

There is an old Chinese saying that says if you rush, you'll never get the work done. Why? Because you would MAKE MISTAKES! This was what happened over the weekend.

When I finished the 8th pattern repeat of the Wavy, I was feeling really uplifted, pretty sure that I could easily finish the remaining 88 rows. So, I picked up my speed but at the same time, losing some concentration by blog-surfing on Blog Clicker. Suddenly, I checked on the scarf and saw this:

Obviously, I had forgotten to change direction of the waves. So, I would have to frog it (which is the easy part) and figure out which row I started making the mistake (and this is the hard part).

With the intention of doing something different, I went back to the 63-square crocheting project. Successfully I finished Square #5 (but I forgot to take picture of it!) Then I moved on to Square #8, which seemed to be a fairly easy one. But of course I was wrong! I had to frog twice ... but still couldn't finish because what I got was simply not right:

As you can see, the chevron pattern should move back up smoothly, but mine is way off!

I didn't think I should end the weekend with this frustrated feelings. So, again, I picked up something else. In the latest issue of Crochet Me, there is a pattern for a book thong by Donna which I like very much. I already got the size 10 thread, steel hook and beads ready. So, I started and made this:

It is really easy to make and the instructions are clear to follow. The only problem for me is the tiny little thread! Also, making 150 chains will get you a book thong that is long enough for big pattern books like the ones in the picture. If you want one for, say a small paperback, perhaps you should only make 90 chains.

As I was switching into a better mood, I started casting on for my first summer tank. I know it is still chilly out there. But when I finish, I think it would be the right time for some summer wear. Oh, BTW, the photo under the book thong is the one I am making. I made some good progress on this:

It is not easy knitting with cotton. I did make some loops, but luckily they are all on the wrong side. Because of the complicated fancy pattern, I decided to leave the loops as they are as long as they are on the wrong side. The knitting ER technique is easy only on stockinette-stitched pattern. At least for me.

Before I end this post, wish you all a happy Valentine's Day!


caitlyn said...

Hi Agnes,
I found your blog through the Bay Area Knitters Webring. I absolutely *love* your first sweater in the Rowan Magpie Aran! It's gorgeous!!
Good luck with the Wavy scarf!!!

Karen said...

Hi Agnes! We must be on the same wave length or something! I just visited Crochet Me and thought I would try the book thong too! I justed finished my drawstring bag for crochet class tomorrow night, so I will share that tomorrow (just a little finishing up)....oh yeah thanks for the re-tag! Karen :)

Laura.Y said...

Hi Agnes,

What a coincidence..:) I'm also gonna try that book thong too. Looks really nice doesn't it? Thinking of making 1 pair. Will b shopping for the beads tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by my site. U mentioned u r using the Denise Set. Been contemplating. Really good?

The pattern I'm using 4 my tube is a simple knit3 and purl 3 ribbing. But I think I'll b frogging it. Doesn't look that good. Will post a pic soon...:) Happy New Year and Happy Valentines.

Eilene said...

Hi Agnes...I know I've been tagged. Next time I post I'll put it on my blog. All your knits look great. You are a multi tasker aren't you? I LOVE the wavy red scarf. Stunning!!!

Donna said...

Glad you like the book thong pattern, Agnes! Hmm... our gauge must be different, because for me 150 st is just the right size for a hardback novel.

On your chevron square, I see what you're doing wrong. I did the same thing at first. You're working each of the two fpdcs around the previous two fpdcs. One fpdc should be worked around an fpdc and the other should be around a regular stitch. On this square it's really important to follow exactly what the instructions say rather than what you think they say.

emy said...

I love cotton...just be patient with it and it'll reward you :)

Donna said...

Hi, again, Agnes! In my last comment I was so busy figuring out how to explain the chevron square, I forgot to say your book thong is beautiful! Thank you for the compliment on my pattern!