Sunday, February 27, 2005

Another self-discovery

Knitting is an interesting hobby which allows one to learn so much about oneself. After several months' knitting experiences, I made another discovery. I am a person who thrives with positive encouragement and achievement and will easily be dampened by failure. You may say everybody is like that ... but no, there are people who have unwavering spirits and failures will only stimulate them to move forward. But this is not me.

After the last post, I continued with Prairie, thinking that I would finish the back real soon. With 6 more rows to complete the braid pattern, I found that I missed one very important detail in the shaping - the armholes! I should have started the shaping of the armholes as soon as I started the braid pattern. Okay, that was fine ... I ripped the beautifully knitted braid pattern and started again. Now, the pattern was complete and I was actually on my way to shape the neckline and shoulder. Measuring the piece against myself, I felt that something was not right. So, I took out a shop-bought summer tank that fits me well as the control and my suspicion was confirmed. If I continued to shape the neck in the way I was doing, I would end up with extremely large armholes. If you want to know how I felt, think of the Dow Jones Index plummeting to below 5,000 from the closing 10,841.60 of Friday! That was how I felt! I have already ripped 34 rows and knitted back to the whole braid pattern. That was about all I could take in one day. So, I left it that way.

My hands may have stopped, but my mind has been real active thinking how to remedy the piece. Either it was the pattern instructions that messed up or I misunderstood them ... but I tend to believe in the former. I have come up with several options, all of which involve recalculation and changing of the original pattern. This is going to be a big challenge to me. Just like Wavy and the 63-square crocheting project, I don't think I have the mood to do it right now. I'll have to let it sit for a while before my spirit can be nurtured back to take it up again.


Laura.Y said...

I'm sorry to hear bout ur recent mis-adventure. We all go through that huh? Keep your chin up. The finished pattern would be worth the effort..:)

Laura.Y said...
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Siow Chin said...

Don't give up, do something soothing for your mind than tackle it later. I'm sure it's going to be a showpiece once it's completed.