Sunday, January 09, 2005

Tree of Hope

It was our 3rd anniversary yesterday. We are both "home-animals" and usually would prefer to celebrate having dinner at home. However, it was also Husband's company annual dinner last night. So, we had to celebrate with the whole company (without their knowing, of course!) It was all that usual stuff ... *"Nice to meet you!" followed by a 3-second embarrassing silence ... Repeat pattern from * until dinner start. The appetizers were delicious, though; especially the roasted vegetables.

What was unexpectedly good was the magic show. When we went to Maui during Thanksgiving last November, we watched Warren and Annabel and it was fantastic. Every Maui guide we read recommended this show, saying it was the best. We were lucky to have the front row seats and it was just an amazingly enchanting evening. So, I didn't expect too much from the magician last night. But it turned out he was witty, funny and humorous and he certainly made the evening a memorable one.

Since the magician attracted us to stay longer than we expected, we didn't get to share the galette des rois with our friends. This is an off-focus photo of the 2005 King's cake:

It is a pity that you can't see my decorative drawing on it. I should have cut deeper with the knife but I was afraid I would cut through all the way into the filling. I drew a tree on it ... it was a tree of hope. For some reasons, I was not too thrilled about 2005. I didn't really feel excited about its coming. I remember last time I experienced such emotional impasse was in 1989, after the June Fourth Incident in Beijing. I found it ridiculous that I should celebrate my own birthday when so many parents lost their kids and so many young people were forced to leave their own country. And now, I, in a way witnessed the greatest natural disaster ever in my life time, just wish this tree can bring those who survived the fatal tsunami some hope in 2005.

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