Friday, January 21, 2005

Scarf, Scarf ... and more to come

I swear I am not going to knit Windy City Scarf anymore for at least another 6 months! In 2 months' time, I finished 4 ... yeah, 4 ... such scarves. So, I think I deserve a break!

Well, to be honest, starting from the second one, this pattern is not challenging anymore. However, I do like the feeling of the rib stitch pattern. The scarf feels thick and cozy. My only worry is that my GMIL is really petite and the scarf may be really too long for her. Now, I just have to crochet some more of those flower pins, and then I can send them all to France.

Then it would be the scarves for my parents. For these, I have changed my mind so many times. At first, I found the seaman's scarf and really like it. As a matter of fact, I bought the yarns, Peruvian Collection Baby Cashmere, based on this pattern. Then, gradually realizing that I might not have too much time, I resolved to use the fingering yarns to knit another 2 Windy City Scarves. This is of course not a very welcoming thought. So, I kept on searching and ... I found this. The Bowtie scarf is just perfect for me - the garter stitch is quick and easy and it is a new pattern for me. I just double the yarns and use US5 needle.

I am now comfortably confident I can finish the scarves for my parents before Chinese New Year. I hope this would bring them a nice surprise. They have no idea I have taken up knitting again. I have sent them the picture of my MIL wearing the scarf, but I didn't tell them I knitted it.


Anonymous said...

it's beautiful! you did great :)

panthergirl said...

I am learning to knit. Is there a good online resource for needles and yarn? What should I start with?

sapere aude said...

wow. I'd like to learn.. everyone's doing it! what should I buy for a beginner? thanks!

Funky Fresh Freddie said...

Nice work! Frickin beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Lovely scarves..