Thursday, January 06, 2005

Galette des Rois

Today is Epiphany. If you read blogs of people living in France, you'd have already known that Galette des rois (Kings' cake) is the main thing for the day. Husband said that nobody made the cake themselves in France (but maybe he is wrong!); they just bought it from the neighbourhood bakery. *Sigh* This always makes me so eager to visit France ... the pastry from the neighbourhood bakery! As you can imagine, you won't find anything close to it here, so we have to make our own. Lucky that it is not really difficult ... there are tons of recipes on the internet. We would have the cake in the coming weekend with friends and I will be the one deciding where to put the feve ... since I am the one baking the cake ... hahaha! For now, I can only show you the one I made in 2003.

Galette des rois

It was actually my first production ... so it was a bit primitive. This year, maybe I would try to be a bit more decorative with the drawing (with a knife) on the top.

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