Sunday, January 16, 2005

Flower Power

I have put the sweater and the blue afghan on hold for a while because I want to make some scarves for all the senior members in our families. For the in-laws, I don't want to create a feeling of favouritism, so I decided to use the same yarns as the scarf of my MIL - main colour in red for GMIL and green for AIL. However, when I brought the yarns home, Husband said that Sassy Stripes Stormy was not really green. So, I brought them back to the store to exchange for some Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Pines. I knitted up the scarf in Wool-Ease really fast but: 1) the green with black was too dark ... just too dark ... one would easily confuse it as black; 2) it doesn't feel as smooth as it does in a ball. Thus, I have to change back to Sassy Stripes. For the Wool-Ease scarf, if I have the time, I would frog it and knit a blanket for shelter animals; otherwise, I would just have to give it away for charity.

This was why I was feeling a bit beaten up yesterday. I had to do something to divert my attention from the dark green scarf and to boost my mood. This was what I did:

What do you think? I used the leftovers from MIL's scarf and this crochet pattern and made 2 of these flower pins. The result was surprisingly good to me.


Anonymous said...

I came to your blog from KR, anxious to see the flower you made from the new suede from LionBrand. It's beautiful. Do you have a pattern? I'm also making scarves for my family. 'Better hurry up, the weather is finally getting cold here in New York! lol Going back to your blog now, which by the way is a very nice one!

Anonymous said...

Dah! I found the pattern you mentioned in your blog for the flower! Thank you so much. Love, Eleanor