Monday, January 17, 2005

Flower Fever

It seems once started, it cannot stop. I am talking about the crocheted flower pins. Thanks to Christinac from KR Forum, I have collected a number of crochet patterns on flowers. I used the leftover yarns and tried most of them. So far, the one I mentioned in Flower Power is the most satisfactory to me.

Ever since I saw this new yarn, I was eager to try it. So, I bought one yesterday and tried it with the crochet pattern. It turned out that the yarn was really bulky and I just made 29 chains and already got a gigantic rose! You can take a look at the picture:

I have a big head ... and you see how big the flower is on my hat? I hope taking the picture under broad day light can show the true texture of the yarn. It feels really soft in the hand. I am just wondering what the difference is between suede and chenille. To me, they both feel the same.


Imbi said...

Oh, that looks great!!
You've just given me a wonderful idea.

andrena said...

you are very gifted..that is a beautiful flower!

Nanette said...

I just learned to knit. Lovely site. :) (Came here via Blog Clicker, fyi...)

Anonymous said...

It's not too big. It's very bold, striking and beautiful!

Siow Chin