Sunday, January 09, 2005

First Sock Finished

Some of you may expect to see a pair of socks, but I have just finished one ...

I asked Husband to try it on and nervously awaited his comment ... "It's comfortable ... you know, like those white sports socks that I like so much." Wow ... that's really great pump in my confidence, I'm not kidding you. And now I am working hard on the other one of the pair.

This first sock knitting has been a very inspiring experience. When I came to the heel flap then into the heel turning and the gussets, I couldn't help but admire the collective intelligence and creativity of the human mind: with some simple twists and turns, it can manoeuver a single thread into something that can embody the curves of the human foot. Attention is even paid to the extra need for wearing and comfort in the heel flap. Even Husband agrees there is so much magic in the art of knitting.

Now that I have tried using DPNs in knitting socks, I will explore other methods in my next pair. I have done my research on the internet and decided on trying out the 2 circular method. I figure that now is the time to knit something for the warmer season to come, so I will use the Cascade Fixation I bought. Since I have a US3 circular, plus the one in the Needlemaster set, I don't need to buy new needles. I can start right off after this pair. Sounds good to me.

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Kim in Oregon said...

I really like the two circular needle method for socks, I get soooo confused with dpns. My first pair on two circs were for my husband, who calls them his 'friday socks' and wears them every is so fun to see him wear them.