Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Done with the Bowtie Scarves

Flash back ... 3 weeks ago I wandered into Ei's blog and got lucky. She was giving away patterns of these beautiful fingerless gloves:

Besides the pattern, she also sent a signature card of hers. Thanks, Ei. In return, I made her a crocheted flower pin, using the leftovers from the Mystery Kit ... since she said she liked orange and that was the closest to orange I got in my stash. I am glad that she likes it.

Back to my knitting. I finally finished the 2 bowtie scarves for my parents! Perhaps you would expect photos of the neatly finished projects, but instead I am going to post this:

At first glance, you may not be able to spot anything special about it. But what about if I tell you I just used two and a half balls of yarns for this scarf and I knitted with 2 strands throughout? Exactly ... why are there so many loose ends? I have bought yarns from Elann a few times and I have always been happy with their products. However, I think I am quite disappointed this time. One of the Baby Cashmere in Pewter had an unbelievably number of knots. At first I tried to ignore them and just knitted on. However, I learned an important lesson here - if something doesn't look right at first, it won't become better ... it would only grow into an even bigger eyesore, so frog it if you don't like it. I was lucky that I spotted how to make Russian join from another knitter's blog (sorry that I forgot whose!), thus I don't have to tie knots all over the tiny scarf.


opforsoldier said...

That is really cool. I really appreciate artisan crafts like knitting. I spent 5 years running a small brewery and really enjoyed it as well it brought me in to contct with a lot of other people making their own products. I have since also taken up making my own cheese, wine, and grow my own herbs & spices.

opforsoldier said...

Ooops, my blog is at