Monday, January 03, 2005

Back on the knitting track

Ever since I set up this blog, I've been furiously doing renovations to it. It is like when you move into a new house and you start decorating it in the way that suits and pleases you. I visited others' blogs, getting ideas from them; then obtained the codes for the various fun stuff and tried them out in my draftblog; if they work out well, I would then move them to this blog. By now, I would say I have done 95% of the changes I would like to achieve. So, it's time to go back to my knitting.

The Blue Afghan
I know ... I was just being lazy with the swatching. I used US7 and then US6 to swatch. The one you saw earlier was the US6 and it was way more than 4" wide. So, I frogged the half block I made and started all over again. This time I used US5 and it was the right one. I am now into the third block already!

As you can see, I attempted a different method this time. Since I want to minimize the amount of sewing I'll have to do, instead of binding off one block, I changed into the different colour and continue into the next block. The result is I'll be knitting 5 long stripes to be sewn up lengthwise.
There are a total of 10 patterns. I am not a veteran knitter, so I don't really know how the patterns look like just by reading the instructions. This adds to the fun and excitement. The first block has been a pretty boring ribbing pattern. However, the eyelet and the cable are so exciting, especially when I am now reading Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Patterns for Knitting. The intricacy of the patterns is just fascinating to me.

The Guernsey Sweater
I am now into 17" of the front ... 7" more and I can start shaping the neck. I plan to block the back and the front together as this will save time and space. I am indeed very eager to finish this sweater as then I can start the tank tops for summer!

First Socks

Well, it seems I cannot escape the fate of first-time sock-knitters - LADDERS! I have already pulled the yarn much tighter at the changing from one needle to another ... but they are still so obviously there! I do comfort myself by thinking that this is my first pair ... so keep trying.
Yet, I found this Sock Fever page which offers some very good advice and patterns for socks. There is even a section called "Sock Class". I am also thinking maybe I should get the Magic Loop booklet ... it was said that using 2 circular needles for socks can avoid getting ladders.

Mystery Kit #3
Finally, it comes to the Mystery Kit. I gained good progress on this one. Right now, I can say I am approaching the last phase. Can you tell what it is?

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