Sunday, December 19, 2004

Setting up my own blog!

I have been visiting many other knitters' blogs for some time. It is something very new to me. The adventurous nature in me has been lurking to give it a try. Yet I kept delaying. Finally, I found a motivation to put this into action.

Having left Hong Kong for more than 3 years, I always tried to keep in touch with my friends there. However, writing emails to different groups of individuals can be very time-consuming. Now, with this blog, I think it would become easier and more direct to update them with my life here. Besides, I would also use this as a record of my knitting work.

So, here is the first post of my blog. I have yet to figure out how to upload pictures. For the time being, I can just offer something very basic and primitive.


Anonymous said...

It's me, Esther. I haven't signed in yet so I use anonymous. Your scarf looks great, I still have a sweater you made for me when I went to NY, still here, wanna take a look, ha ha!

Christina Sum said...

I love your blog. It's great, by reading it I know how you are doing and how's your latest knits are like. My sister, Sandy, recently pick up her knitting again and I showed her your white sweater and the pattern you enclosed. She's very tempted to try too.

I've been thinking of setting up one website to serve as my journal. I asked you and Sarah about it last year/this year? I thought about website named spinster something.. and eventually I didn't really set it up. Yet I succeeded in learning chinese input and started writing randomly on my computer, mainly about film critics and my moods. With your demonstration, I will definitely set up one soon, preferably in the new year. I'll visit your blog frequently to pick up skill. Keep knitting.

P.S. What is a blog?