Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Sam Goody Bad-Gift Boycott

The city where I live has a weekly newspaper in which citizens can write and express their views and opinions about almost anything. In the issue for the week of Christmas, there was this article which I think is pretty interesting (at least it caught my attention and I really read something from the newspaper for once!) and worth sharing, especially with my fellow knitters.

"You Really Shouldn't Have:" The Top Ten Worst Gifts from Last Christmas
Some people have the knack for dreaming up the perfect gift for friends and loved ones during the holidays. Most of us, however, are susceptible to the pressure and lack of creativity that can often lead to the last minute purchase of a gift in bad taste. Givers of bad gifts often mean well, but end up becoming a chapter in the receiver's memories of gifts gone wrong.
Last year, Sam Goody hosted a Bad-Gift Boycott on December 26, inviting bad-gift recipients to "return" their unwanted gifts to Santa. A large dumpster overflowed with chintzy toys, useless gadgets, homemade "art", dreadful book titles and unwanted clothing.
The following is a list of the 10 worst gifts collected at the Sam Goody Bad-Gift Boycott. Let them serve as a warning to bad-gift givers everywhere:
  1. Clown Art - in the form of prints, statues, T-shirts and towels. Who knows, clown art might make resurgence in the years to come, but for now, resist the urge to purchase anything clown-related. Whether it's a happy clown or a sad clown, the receiver of your gift will resemble the latter.
  2. Homemade sweaters - Remind yourself that the person who knitted the garment at least thought enough of you to take the time to create it, regardless of how itchy and ill-fitting it may be.
  3. Puzzles - A good puzzle can be a great way to get the family together. However, be wary of giving a puzzle to anyone between the ages of 15 to 25. This age group sees the concept of working on a puzzle akin to watching grass grow.
  4. Tube Socks - Many stores carry them in packages of three at prices thrifty holiday shoppers can refuse. Retro is in, but not THAT in.
  5. Ties - Ugly ties, along with the fruitcake, have become a bad gift cliche. Yet, both items arrived in droves at last year's Bad-Gift Boycott. Ladies, trust us, go easy on the ties this year.
  6. Exercise Videos/Diet Books - Even if the package is adorned with multiple bows, it is impossible to give a gift of this ilk without offending the receiver. A gift/hint of this nature is as subtle as a battering ram.
  7. Undergarments - Women typically choose boxer shorts with overly cute designs that men can't wear to the gym. Men typically choose something too risque - your average woman wouldn't wear them in a million years. Men, trust us, go easy on the lingerie.
  8. Padded Toilet Seat - What were you thinking?
  9. Sausage Sample Pack - Sausage is best in small quantities. Very few people really, truly have a need for 10 different kinds of sausage at any one time.
  10. Drug Store Perfumes - It's cute if a very young boy buys it as his first gift for Mom, other than that, cheap perfume is wrong on too many levels to actually list.

-Santa Clara Weekly Vol. 34, No. 53

I don't know if the author requested it or what, I had no way of finding who he/she is. Nor was I able to find the homepage of the newspaper so that I can save time typing it out.

Do you learn something?

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