Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Preparing for Christmas

Husband thought he had waited long enough. He asked me yesterday, "Are you going to put up the Christmas tree this year?" Last year, I did it around Thanksgiving. This year we were out of town during Thanksgiving. Then MIL came visit for a week. After that, we had some kind of drama with our family physician. I still have to write some letters concening that. Then, I got hooked up with this blog building thing.
Today, I finally got into our garage-turned-storeroom and took out the Christmas tree. This is our 4th Christmas together and this tree has been with us since the beginning. Both of us thought having a real tree was not a very good idea. So, we went to the shop and bought this small one, whose size is good enough for our apartment.
I also did some Christmas grocery shopping today. I got duck breasts, goose liver mousse, rustic pate ... yummy. We also got a bottle of champagne ready. With some vegetables, fresh bread and dessert to be bought on Christmas day, we are all set for Christmas dinner. Hey, we don't spend our dough like this every day ... after all, it's Christmas!

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