Monday, December 20, 2004

Let's start from the beginning

My first scarf

Since I intended this blog to be a record of my knitting works, let start with this first scarf. I really can't recall why, after so many years, I suddenly had the idea of picking up knitting again. I just did. I went to Michael's and picked up a ball of Bernat Boa because there was a pattern on the label, saying that I only needed one ball to complete this, and I paired it with the suitable needle. Then I went home and started working on it. This is where the story of my knitting in the valley started ...


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I just made the same scarf for a friend of mine, but I'm using more than one skein - 23" just didn't seem long enough. How long is yours?


Agnes said...

Hello Lois,
Thanks for coming. My gauge was a bit different from the suggested one on the label but I forgot the exact number of stitches per inch. Mine is almost 27 inches.