Monday, December 20, 2004

Crossroads Trading Co.

I have read about this fashion-recycling shop for a while. Last Friday, I finally went there. Buying second-hand clothing is a new experience to me. When I left HK, it was popping up as a new line of business, but mostly fashionable items from celebrities. I've been to Goodwill stores here several times but none there attracted me into buying. However, I found something I like in Crossroads. The cotton red sweater is Ann Taylor LOFT ... $7. The Mook's jean skirt is even better ... $6.5 50% off ... that means $3.25!
They went straight into the washing machine and are now ready to wear!

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Trinity13 said...

Wow! You did get a great deal on your clothes. I wish we had a Crossroads here in Ohio. We do have similiar wear it again stores, but they don't sell very fashionable clothing.