Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Present

This is Christmas day and this early morning, I received a very very sweet and cozy Christmas present.
My MIL and GMIL were gathering at the house of Husband's aunt for their Christmas celebration. Because of the different time zones, we had to stay up late (or early?) to call them at 4 a.m. Since the conversation was carried out in French, I could only get the translated version from Husband. The weather there has been really cold this week. This was the perfect time for MIL to show off the scarf I made for her during her visit last month. GMIL and aunt were both jealous of the gift she received. According to Husband, GMIL wanted to have "the exact same scarf in the exact same color" while aunt asked if she could have "the same scarf in green". Being appreciated is the greatest gift one can hope to get.
So now, new items are being added to my projects-to-do list!

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knittygirl said...

Hi Agnes,
I stopped over from Knitter's Review to check out your blog. Very nice! I also just received Mystery Kit #3 the other day. Can't wait to get started, although I am unfortunately still finishing up christmas knitting!