Sunday, December 26, 2004

Breaking News!

I finished my afghan last night! Besides, I even managed to sew up the other gauntlet. So, two more FO (finished objects) added to my 2004 list. Considering the fact that I just picked up knitting again back in September, this is really not bad. I didn't have time to take pictures today, though.

The weather was really not good today. The sky was grey and cloudy the whole day and there had been rain now and then. I learned from the news that high up in the sierra mountains, there are snow storms. Yet, nothing compared to the disasters in Asia. This afternoon, I tried to see if there would be news reports on TV. Nope! I mean I had to wait until the hourly news that I could see some footage on CNN. On Fox, somebody was interviewing this chef who made dessert for Bush in the White House. Big deal. On MSNBC, it was "Headlines and Legends" ... even better. When there were these hurricanes attacking Florida earlier this year, ALL the news channels bombarded you with round-the-clock reports, even though most of the time they were just repeating the same footage which must have been shown 100 times and no actual new things to report. But now more that 12,000 have been killed already and the death toll is surely to rise, and you show me Bush's dessert chef? But to be fair, I just watched for 45 minutes. Maybe they all had detailed reports after I turned off the TV.

Back to my knitting. I started swatching on my first socks. The yarn I am using is Plymouth Sockotta. The DPNs are from Plymouth too. I quite like working with fingering weight yarn. I hope this pair of socks will turn out to be good as I am knitting for Husband. He is always complaining socks bought from shops are too tight on the cuffs.

Two Hours Later ...

I think this is all I can do for tonight. The gauge is absolutely accurate ... 7 stitches to 1 inch. I have been staying up late for several nights lately, so I am actually feeling very tired. One last post and then I'm off to bed.

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