Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Another Storm

Another winter storm system has approached the Bay Area. Right now, it is raining cats and dogs. As if having the sixth sense, I grabbed the camera with me this afternoon and took these pictures of the blue sky and white clouds while Husband was driving to work.

I wonder: when will the rainbow come?

I started swatching on the Mystery Kit last night. I want to keep the mystery so I won't tell too much what exactly it is here. But it would be my first felting project. This is where the question comes. I don't know if the tension of felting project is deliberately more loose. The kit suggested using US10 needle but I have to use US10.5 to get the right gauge. Anyway, the color is gorgeous, isn't it? It reminds me of autumn leaves. This time I took the picture with the daylight and the color is more true to life. I will keep on posting pictures showing the progress so that you can guess what the FO is.

It seems that getting the gauge correct isn't easy for me, especially with thicker yarns. When I swatched on the Blue afghan, the measurement was a little bit over 4".

Yet, when I measure the first block, it is 9.5", instead of 8"!!!

What is going on? I don't want to frog it as it doesn't really matter if the FO is wider. But my worry is I may not have enough yarns to finish the project. What should I do?

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