Friday, December 31, 2004

2004 Knitrospect

So many yarns, so little time! This may seem such a cliche and yet it is so very true. For me, I don't have a large stash (if you want to know what is a large stash, check it out in KR Forum ... but be prepared to be shocked!), thus it should be "so many patterns". In face of all the patterns coming out once every quarter and all those one can find in pattern books as well as free patterns everywhere, I, as a new knitter, had the feeling of visiting Le Louvre for the first time without a site map and not knowing French ... and felt like screaming at the top of my voice, "Where should I start?" A sweater? That would be nice but it takes a long time to knit up. Then, scarves? Faster ... but I live in California ... one, at most two, scarf would be enough. How about an afghan? Challenging, but it takes ages to knit, not to mention the sewing up and finishing. Socks, then, you may say. But perhaps I should get used to knitting with 2 needles or a circular first before attempting to hold 5 needles at the same time.

And so in such confused, dazed and bewildered state of mind did I start my knitting. I chose a sweater that has a seemingly complicated design and I thought I would like to knit that. Of course, I found it beautiful, too; but what appealed to me more was the challenge. I paid little consideration to whether the style of the sweater suited me. It turned out the sweater is a bit too feminine, which is okay ... but it would be better if it is something that can go with casual jeans. Still, it has been a fun experience ... and brought me great sense of success.

After knitting for about 3 months, I came to understand that I am a process knitter who enjoy exploring into different fibres, techniques and styles. I love the challenge of complicated textures rather than colour combinations. I like to knit things that are practical and usable. I am not a yarn snob and I don't think I like novelty yarns. I don't like the idea of having to rush to finish a project so that I can still wear it in the short remaining season.

Armed with such self-knowledge, I worked out a rough plan for my projects to come. I also plan to keep a better and more organized record of my works. Thus the 2 new sections on my sidebar - Finished Projects Gallery and Projects to Come.

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claudia said...

Agnes, best wishes for a wonderful 2005. Knit on.